A Comprehensive Guide to Our Build-to-Print Services

and Thin-Film Technology 

Build to Print Cover - shadow

At Knowles Precision Devices, we are not trying to be your typical commodity component manufacturer. We want to do things that are hard and help customers solve their most difficult engineering challenges. We also understand that every application has different needs. Therefore, we offer a wide-variety of off-the-shelf catalog solutions, build-to-print services, and even the ability to work closely with customers to create custom thin-film solutions.

To provide a better understanding of build-to-print in general and the breadth of our offerings, as well as how our thin-film technology can benefit your applications, we’ve put together a comprehensive Build-to-Print Basics Ebook.

Download the Ebook to learn more about:

  • What thin-film technology is
  • Typical applications for thin film
  • The details of our approach to build-to-print
  • Considerations for selecting the key components and materials for your build-to-print parts
  • How to use build-to-print to create custom microwave components


Download The Ebook