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Using MLCCs for Wireless Resonant Circuits

MLCCs for Wireless Resonant Circuits Webinar

To ensure the efficiency and reliability of high-power wireless charging applications such as electric vehicle charging stations, wireless power transfer circuits need stable, high-capacitance, high-voltage capacitors to serve as the tank capacitor in the LC resonant circuit. But these demanding circuits present a number of design challenges when using multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). In addition to covering the basics of performing wireless power transfer with resonant circuits using MLCCs, this webinar also cover the following topics: 

  • How to balance circuit design needs for multi-chip assemblies
  • The impacts of temperature rise and thermal management when using MLCCs and techniques for avoiding electrical failure and mechanical cracking
  • An alternative solution for designing wireless resonant circuits using a custom approach to large capacitor assemblies that offers high voltage and high capacitance in a compact form factor
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