Detailed Fundamental Filter Information to

Simplify Your Filtering Decisions

Ebook LP ImageTo help customers with filter selection, we generally provide a lot of detailed information on what our various filters can do. But we thought it also might be really helpful for customers if we took a step back and covered some background information on how filters do what they do. Therefore, we decided it was time to compile the extensive filtering knowledge of our engineers into a comprehensive Filter Basics Ebook.

Our new ebook provides a wealth of detailed information on the following filtering topics with the goal of helping customers simplify future filtering decisions:
  • An introduction to resistance, capacitance, and inductance
  • How to design basic filter circuits
  • Five filter specifications to understand
  • Key filter types and technologies
  • The differences between lumped element and distributed element filter construction
  • An overview of waveguides and transmission lines
  • Different approaches to Q factor
  • An in-depth look at bandwidth
  • An introduction to poles and zeros
  • How to use resonators as microwave devices
  • An overview of what S parameters are and what they can tell you about a filter


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