Making Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Systems a Reality

V3 CoverImage Wireless Charging White paper

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption for both consumer and commercial purposes rapidly grows, so does the need for improved charging infrastructure. While we’ve seen vast improvements in charging technology in the last few years, as additional regulations on combustion vehicles are implemented, and reliance on EVs increases, further EV charging innovations are needed. Currently, wireless charging is the newest EV charging technology evolving.

In our latest white paper, we cover the following topics related to this emerging wireless charging technology:

  • The basics of wireless charging for EVs
  • The challenges presented by wireless charging of EVs both at a system and a component level
  • Techniques for optimizing wireless power transfer efficiency with resonant capacitors
  • How Knowles Precision Devices’ components are designed to help you address the common challenges associated with wireless charging of EVs

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