White Paper

A Solution for Handling an Increasingly Crowded RF Spectrum

3D Cover - WP Filter Array

As the number of bandwidth battles grows each year, resulting in an increasingly crowded RF spectrum, RF designers are searching for innovative designs that minimize interference while also increasing signal transmission power. Since phased arrays can efficiently maximize gain and signal directivity and minimize interference for both transmitters and receivers, adoption of this architecture by RF designers is growing, especially at mmWave frequencies. But this means RF designers are on a quest for filtering options for phased arrays that can help meet the size, weight, and power (SWaP) needs along with the performance demands required by today’s RF applications.

This white paper walks through how RF designers can overcome these challenges by covering the following topics:

  • An overview of the filtering options available for phased arrays
  • How filtering in position 1 of a phased array, while a challenging task at higher frequencies, is not impossible as once believed
  • Details of the innovative solution for filtering at position 1 that Knowles Precision Devices is working on that can minimize spectral noise and improve link budgets for phased arrays. 

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