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What it Takes for MLCCs to Meet the High-Reliability Requirements of Medical Implantable Devices

3D Cover_WP_MLCCs in Medical Implantable Devices

Given the life-critical functions performed by many medial implantable devices, and the invasive procedure required to implant medical equipment properly in the human body, it is imperative that all medical devices are designed to function reliably throughout their entire lifetime. But this can be challenging as medical implantable devices are made up of many individual parts, including a variety of electronic components such as multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). This means MLCC manufacturers today are not only tasked with responding to the demand for product miniaturization, they also need to be sure their MLCCs can meet the high-reliability expectations for these life-critical applications.

In this white paper, we dive more into how to overcome the challenges associated with ensuring the reliability of electronic components designed for medical devices by covering the following topics:

  • Design considerations for using MLCCs in medical implantable devices
  • How to work with suppliers to properly test and screen MLCCs for high reliability
  • How Knowles Precision Devices designs, tests, and continues to innovate on our MLCCs to meet all the key requirements of the medical device industry, including high reliability

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