White Paper

Understanding the Nuances of Space-Level Qualification and Screening of Filters

White Paper_Space-Level Screening

When launching expensive mission-critical equipment and people into space, there is absolutely no room for failure. Therefore, aerospace companies must be sure that even the smallest component used, such as an RF filter, is designed to maintain reliability in this incredibly challenging environment. But ensuring components are space-qualified can be a complex process, so we’ve put together this white paper which covers the following:

  • What space-qualified actually means, including background information on the various standards that may dictate the requirements your components need to meet
  • An overview of the many possibilities available to ensure components are space qualified and ready to meet your application needs
  • An example of how to work with your vendors to qualify components for a space program
  • Information on how Knowles Precision Devices can perform a variety of space qualification testing in-house

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