Wilkinson Power Dividers and Feed Networks: 

A Brief Overview


PDW-GroupThe Wilkinson Power Divider, designed by Ernest Wilkinson in the 1960s, uses quarter wave transformers to split an input signal into two equal phase output signals. Since the design is reciprocal, Wilkinson Power Dividers can also be used as a power combiner. With this flexibility, they are widely used in many RF and microwave communication systems, including those with multiple channels or complex feed networks. However, the development process and materials used to create Wilkinson Power Dividers play a crucial role in the overall device performance.

Download this white paper to explore the following topics:

  • How Wilkinson Power Dividers work
  • Considerations for manufacturing Wilkinson Power Dividers
  • Applying Wilkinson Power Dividers in a feed network
  • How to measure RF performance when using Wilkinson Power Dividers
  • The advantages of Knowles Precision Devices DLI brand Wilkinson Power Divider technology


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