Key Considerations for Capacitor Selection When Reliability is Paramount

As technology advances in the medical device space, electronics design is constantly adapting to meet industry needs. Capacitors are one of the many components that need to meet the demands of innovation. Strict guidelines place more weight on reliability grade, size, and durability over other common parameters of importance for consumer devices and electronics. 

Technological innovation in the medical device space has continued to superminiaturize electronic circuits and advance capacitor materials and design; medical implantables, in particular, have seen rapid development over a short time span. Advances in implantable medical devices continue to improve patient outcomes in a range of applications from pace makers to pain management and glucose monitoring.

Download this white paper to explore regulation, testing procedure, and supplier considerations to help you choose the best components for your medical application. Topics include:

  • Meeting demands in medical innovation
  • Requirements for medical grade capacitors
  • Testing guidelines and considerations
  • Medical grade capacitors in practice
  • Considerations for choosing a supplier


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