Learn about the impact of manufacturing tolerance on mmWave Filters


One of the questions we get asked regularly is, "Why not just integrate a filter in the board stack?"

Tolerance_CoverBesides overall filter performance concerns, our answer to this comes in two parts: First there are manufacturing tolerances to consider, and second there is size. This article will look at both of these considerations.

Manufacturing tolerance for any filter will contribute to a filters performance and can make for some interesting discussions about what was planned for vs the realized filter performance. At mmWave tolerance impacts can become significant and can potentially impact the total cost of an implementation.

Size is also a cost of implementation consideration – allocating board space or layers to a filter implementation can take up areas that can be used for other functionality or devices and may further complicate implementation.

To look at these factors we examined different 26GHz filter manufacturing approaches with the following design goals:

  • Center Frequency: 26GHz
  • 3dB Bandwidth: 4x800MHz
  • Insertion Loss: 2dB
  • Stopband 1: -35 dB within DC-22 GHz
  • Stopband 2: -35dB within 30-68 GHz

To learn more about 5G, mmWave and the role Knowles Precision Devices DLI Brand Filters play visit our 5G Solutions page.

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