At Knowles Precision Devices, we are not trying to be your typical commodity component manufacturer. We want to do things that are hard and help customers solve their most difficult engineering challenges. This is why we offer build-to-print services to facilitate thin-film product design, manufacturing and testing from prototype to high-volume production.

To provide a better understanding of build-to-print in general and the breadth of our offerings, as well as how our thin-film technology can benefit your applications, we’ve put together a Build-to-Print Basics series.


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Part 1 – An Introduction to Build-to-Print and Thin-Film Technology

Part 1 starts by providing a brief overview of how we approach build-to-print and what thin-film technology actually is.


Part 2 – Build to Print and Custom Thin-Film

In Part 2 of our Build-to-Print Basics Series, we will look at how our custom build-to-print services can provide customers with an even higher level of support and customization for the most complex applications.


Part 3 – Typical Applications for Thin-Film

Part 3 provides an overview of the two broad types of applications where build-to-print designs using thin-film technology offer more reliable options versus off-the-shelf solutions.