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Knowles Difference

What sets Knowles apart from the competition?

Knowles Engineers

Learn why you should trust our engineering team.

Knowles Space Expertise

Why trust Knowles' components for a space mission?

Q Needed for Low Insertion Loss

How do we achieve the Q needed for low insertion loss?

Different Colored Ceramics

Why do ceramics differ in color?

Materials Packaging

Learn more about how we package our products. 

Product Repeatability

What is repeatability in RF performance?

Filter Covers

Do filters need covers? 

Just One Filter?

Why can't we build just one filter?

Test Data Accuracy

How is Knowles' test data so accurate?

Alumina Performance and Price?

Learn more about alumina and why is costs you in both performance and price.

Temperature Stability

Why is temperature stability important?

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Why is coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) important in surface mount filters?

Build-to-Print Filters and Tolerances

We design, manufacture and test Build-To-Print (BTP) thin film filters. Our understanding of tolerances helps maximize RF performance.

Build-to-Print May Not Be the Answer

There are times when Build-to-Print (BTP) filters might not be the right choice.

Build-to-Print vs. Build-to-Spec

Learn when you should Build-to-Print vs. when you should Build-to-Spec.