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MIL-PRF In The Capacitor World

Episode 5 | Posted on Feb 27, 2024 


In this episode, Jordan Yates and Victor Lu discuss MIL-PRF (military performance specification) and its importance in ensuring the reliability of capacitors. They explain that MIL-PRF is a set of standards and test items that components must meet to be considered military quality. These standards are crucial because even a small component like a capacitor can cause a malfunction in an entire application if it fails. The discussion also touches on the relevance of MIL-PRF in other industries such as medical and implantable devices. The episode concludes with a fun anecdote about the absence of Group B in MIL-PRF specifications.


What are Microstrip Filters?

Episode 4 | Posted on Feb 20, 2024 


In this episode, Brook Sandy, RF and Microwave Applications Engineer at Knowles Precision Devices, discusses microstrip filters. She explains that microstrip filters use microstrip technology on a ceramic substrate to filter RF and microwave signals. These filters are used in various applications, including fighter jets5G, and satellite communications. Brook highlights DLI's expertise in microstrip filters, particularly in miniaturization and temperature stability. She also mentions the importance of size, weight, and power requirements in the industry. Brook concludes by encouraging listeners to explore DLI's off-the-shelf parts and utilize the Microwave Products Guide for tips on using their products.


Capacitors in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Episode 3 | Posted on Feb 13, 2024 


In this episode, Brandon Peeler, the North America automotive key account manager at Knowles Precision Devices, discusses the role of capacitors in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. He explains the different levels of EV charging and how capacitors are used in filteringsnubbering, and resonant applications. Brandon emphasizes the importance of reducing board space and increasing performance in EV chargers and highlights the role of ceramics in achieving these goals. He also shares insights into working with vehicle manufacturers and power module builders, as well as the potential for faster charging with higher voltage applications. The episode concludes with a funny story about misconceptions about capacitors.

What Are Filters?

Episode 2 | Posted on Feb 6, 2024 


In this episode, Jordan Yates and Peter Matthews discuss the technology of filters. They explain that filters select energy in the desired frequency range and suppress or remove energy in unwanted frequency ranges. Filters are used in various applications such as radio telescopes, defense systems, and MRI machines. Specialty filters are important in critical applications where sensitivity and signal quality are crucial. Knowles Precision Devices produces filters that are used in space exploration, including Mars rovers. The episode concludes with a fun discussion about filters and alien spotting.

What Are Capacitors? 

Episode 1 | Posted on Jan 30, 2024


We explore the diverse world of capacitors, including ceramic, film, and aluminum types, delving into their unique dielectric properties and Knowles' pioneering work. Along the way, we'll share intriguing insights, including a quirky tale involving a dielectric's 'sweet tooth,' highlighting that electronics isn't just intelligent; it's full of character. Tune in to amplify your understanding of these foundational components that drive our electric world.

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