What Are Capacitors?

Episode 1 | Posted on Jan 30, 2024


Our inaugural episode, Jordan Yates interviews Peter Matthews, the Director of Technical Marketing at Knowles Precision Devices. This conversation provides an understanding of capacitors and their relevance in various industries. It explores real-world examples of capacitors in applications such as streaming services and electric vehicles. The conversation also dives into the different types of capacitors and their unique characteristics. Additionally, it shares fun facts about capacitors and explains their representation in schematics. Overall, capacitors are highlighted as a fundamental building block in electronics.




  • Capacitors are fundamental to electronics and are necessary for the functioning of useful circuits.

  • Capacitors have relevance in various industries, including medical technology, communications, and data centers.

  • Different types of capacitors, such as ceramic, film, and aluminum, have distinct characteristics and are used in different applications.

  • Capacitors are represented by two lines in schematics, symbolizing the two metal plates separated by a dielectric.